The sun’s been out, the grass is greener, and there have even been a few storms rolling through. Summer, following spring, is a season for growth. A season where you can see the fruits of your labor (quite literally) come through in home-grown gardens featuring everything from herbs to fruits to veggies to flowers that are just down-right easy on the eyes. Not to mention the indoor potential with all that sunlight — succulents, air plants, and more…oh my! The problem is, not all of us are gifted with a green thumb. Before I was responsible for any plant, I thought with a little TLC (read: water whenever I remembered it), they’d be just fine. If you’ve ever cared for anything living, you know that there’s much more to it than that. In fact, even succulents will wilt if left in the wrong hands…


That’s where the experts come in. I have found few in-store salespeople to be more helpful than those in lawn and garden shops. Those guys and gals don’t want to see their plants perish in the homes of amateurs. So, where you you shop around town for plants and undoubtedly necessary gardening advice? Here are some locals spots:

Screenshot 2017-06-09 20.25.11.png

Urban Jungle:

If you didn’t know that flower shops could be chic or hipster-esque, Urban Jungle will lead you to a rude awakening…welcome to 2017. Their slogan is even cheeky: “We dig plants.” This shop is a DC-original that was started by “two guys with a passion for orchids.” They specialize in orchids, yes, but also succulents and other exotic plants. A lot of their plants come in cute pots, bubble terrariums or wacky planters (like some that look like troll dolls). If you don’t catch them in their shop, you might see them popping up all over town – they’ve been spotted at places like West Elm, Kit and Ace, and Steadfast Supply before.


Ginkgo Gardens

Ginkgo Garden’s claim to DC fame is their clean sweep of City Paper’s 2016’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best Garden Store in DC – and the pat on the back is well deserved. They describe their store as “ A full service garden center uniquely oriented to the urban gardener.” The store is pretty much a one-stop shop for anything garden related you might need – whether it’s actual plants, accessories, or anything else.

Screenshot 2017-06-09 20.27.38Screenshot 2017-06-09 20.27.30

Little Leaf

Urban Jungle isn’t the only trendy place to drop money on greens in this town. Little Leaf is just as hip, combining cute plants with paper goods (this shop is from the same masterminds who created Salt & Sundry). Succulents, air plants, and cacti take center stage here in a small, but carefully curated selection.

Logan Hardware

A great hardware store is hard to come by…but if you find one, they can be pretty darn useful. The latter is certainly proven true at Logan Hardware, where plants are only a small piece of the puzzle. Although Logan Hardware is a product of Ace Hardware, they still feel (and act) local. They have beautiful blooms and qualified expertise in store…plus you can catch up on other errands while you’re at it. Think: grabbing tools for your handy projects, picking up paint to spruce up your walls, getting a key made, renting a carpet cleaner…it’s truly the best kind of hodge podge stop.

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