Is This the Ideal Office for Millennials?  [Washingtonian]  A meditation hut, free yoga lessons, a pool table – don’t blame millennials for the irritating trademarks of start-up culture!  Start-up somehow gets off the hook for all the annoying stuff they’ve introduced into popular culture – men with gray hair wearing “clever” graphic t-shirts, people shamelessly calling themselves “entrepreneurs,” the unironic use of the term “disruption.”

Which DC Neighborhoods Have the Most Solar Power Potential?  [Urban Turf DC]  If you lived in a narrow rowhouse with a small roof, I wonder how far up you’d have to build a solar tower before you could legally expand it laterally, like a solar panel umbrella?  It might be worth doing just to annoy your neighbors.

Columbia, MD, One of the First “Smart Growth” Towns, Is Turning 50  [Greater Greater Washington]  I still think “smart growth” is a masterpiece of passive-aggression.  “What can we call our new urban planning philosophy that sounds memorable but also subtly insults the establishment?”

There’s a K-Mart In Minneapolis That Blocks An Entire Street  [Consumerist]  Not only does it completely clock a major thoroughfare, the company has an option to lease until 2053, even if (when) K-Mart goes out of business.

This Russian Biker Mysteriously Bought Millions of Dollars Worth of Real Estate In South Florida  [Miami Herald]  Wow, this guy somehow bought tens of millions of dollars of condos and commercial real estate even though he only makes $75,000 a year.  He should put on a weekend seminar on real estate investment.  (“Step 1:  Launder money for organized crime.”)

Kid Rock’s Real Estate Disaster  [New York Post]  Well, if his investments are anything like his music, then yeah …

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