Facts are facts: If you like regular-sized cats, then the fact is, you are likely to love fat cats. And while many owners point to their beloved feline’s rolls around the middle, or quickly draw attention to their furry friend’s double chin as they strike a grumpy cat pose, there are few and far between who can claim the title of a truly fat cat. One cat in particular, though, has recently stolen DC (and subsequently, the Internet’s) heart.

The cat of the hour? Symba. Recently, The Human Rescue Alliance shared a few pictures of the newly gained animal on social media – who at the time was looking for a place to lay his head (and by the looks of it, eat bon bons.) The picture – along with a video of Symba strutting his stuff on the treadmill – quickly went viral, leading to an unusually promising yield of folks vying to be this cat’s owner.

He even made his debut on Inside Edition.

Cecei Ochoa, who works at the Humane Rescue Alliance, said that the outfit was overwhelmed with phone calls and emails showing interest in adopting the big cat – who at 35 pounds, is the largest cat she had ever seen stroll through the doors. Kiah Berkeley, the lucky cat’s new owner is reported to have waited at least three hours Friday morning with the hope (and eventual success) of becoming Symba’s adopted family.

How did Symba get in this predicament to begin with though? DC’s favorite fat cat is roughly 15 pounds overweight compared to the average house cat. Symba’s original owner had moved into a nearby assisted living facility and was no longer able to keep the cat, according to the Rescue Alliance. When he called to warn the rescue that Symba was going to be dropped of, they thought, surely, he must be overestimating his furry friend’s size.


Low and behold, the center was proved wrong and Symba was indeed, obese. Due to his weight, Symba’s arrival at the shelter was followed by a necessary check up, during which his blood glucose test came back with shockingly normal levels. Still though, the shelter stressed that due to his extra fluff, he has an “increased risk of health complications.”

The staff at the shelter immediately got on board with tryng to help Symba achieve a more desirable summer bod. On their blog, they commented that “It’s difficult for him to walk at the moment, so staff are focusing on improving his diet and starting his physical activity slowly.” Not only did the staff monitor how much Symba was eating, but they tried to slow his eager beaver tendencies down with a food puzzle, which is meant to slow down the speed at which a cat eats. At the time of the blog Symba’s success with an exercise routine was minimal, since he could only get a few steps in before being either a) out of breath or b) disinterested. I feel you, cool cat.

Now that Symba has found his new home, I like to imagine he is well on his way to being the best cat he can be. Perhaps he’s cut carbs, increased protein, and is well on his way to being a lean, mean fighting machine. Or, perhaps he’s lying around, buzzed from catnip, looking for something to snack on. Either way, it’s safe to say he has DC’s heart. Hakuna Matata, my fuzzy friend.

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