Boomers Are Looking to Real Estate for Retirement  [Forbes]  Darn it, this was my retirement plan.  The problem with boomers is not only that they do stuff first, it’s that they do it so thoroughly that it’s done to death for everyone else.

The McMansion Is Back?!  [The Washington Post]  Hmm, what world-altering economic event followed closely on the McMansion’s first wave of popularity?  Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself.

This Popular McMansion Blog Just Got Shut Down By Lawyers  [Buzzfeed]  Apparently, the jokes struck a little too close to home.  I never would’ve guessed that a) McMansions had feelings, and b) they were so sensitive.

A Developer Might Be Building a $17 Million Spec Home In Georgetown  [Urban Turf DC]  I just sent a group text to 17 million of my closest friends and suggested we all throw in a dollar for this custom-designed Georgetown party house.

“Ruin Porn” Is a Lot Older Than You Think  [Arch Daily]  I think the recent American fascination with pictures of, say, abandoned houses in Detroit is like when a 26 year old spies that first gray hair in the mirror.  What’s a whimsical fascination right now will eventually become downright morbid.

Are Arsonist Landlords Setting Fires In Gentrifying San Francisco?  [GQ]  If you think this couldn’t happen in DC, consider that it may already have, way back in 2006.

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