Where to Watch Fireworks In DC  [Curbed DC]  I once saw two friends argue viciously over who’d watched fireworks from a higher point in the city;  they finally settled it, after half an hour of shouting, when they looked up the elevation of the buildings they’d been at.  So yeah, people in DC take their fireworks-watching venues very seriously.

These Red, White and Blue Living Spaces Are Perfect for the 4th of July  [Dwell]  This one day a year, these places look appealing and kitschy;  the other 364, they look like the house of someone who has a doomsday bunker fully of military rations and ammo in the backyard.

Did Land-Use Restrictions Save the Rust Belt?  [Citylab]  Basically, the more you look into zoning restrictions, the less sense they make.  So why do they exist?  This sounds simultaneously like the beginning of the most plausible and the most boring conspiracy theory ever.

NYC Realtors Decide Against Renaming South Harlem “SoHa” Amid Protests  [The Real Deal]   “SoHa” isn’t great (especially in a city that already has Soho), but it’s still worlds better than “CoHi.”  I once defriended someone on Facebook for routinely using the term “CoHi.”

Toronto Might Be the Hottest Real Estate Market In North America  [Apartment Therapy]  If you’re an American thinking of buying in Canada, remember to take 20% off the price to take into account the free healthcare.

DC to Give Local Minority-Owned Companies Preference In Marijuana Licensing  [Washington Post]  If you thought drug dealers were irritating libertarians before, just wait until they have to compete with legal weed sellers.

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