Check Out These 20 Massive Doors  [Dwell]  I can’t decide if the trendy oversized door is whimsical and cool, or if it’s the architectural equivalent to the Hummer.  (Terrifying thought: could it be both?)

Why Ancient Roman Concrete Is So Incredibly Durable  [Smithsonian]  This totally undercuts the argument I make to my dad whenever he launches into his signature rant about how everything used to be better.

Notorious DC Slumlord Has Two Properties In Foreclosure, Three More Delinquent  [Washington City Paper]  You know, anyone with a moderate level of laziness and greed can be an average-bad slumlord, but it takes a high level of sustained effort and commitment to be the absolute worst slumlord.

Clarendon Apartment Building Conducts Virtual Reality Tours  [ARLNow]  Last year they were saying that VR was going to transform the very fiber of our lives.  This year, they’re using it to sell apartments above a Cinnabon.  I feel like we skipped some steps.

A Visual Inventory of Parking Lots from Around the World  [Citylab]  Someday we’re going to look back on parking lots like we look back on those plastic slotted towers that held CDs.

There’s a Paintball War Going On East of the River  [DCist]  If a total stranger shot me with a paintball gun, I would be no less murderously angry than if they shot me with a real gun.  Everyone who’s ever been shot with a paintball knows exactly what I’m talking about.


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