This Bizarre Real Estate Fraud Used a Co-Working Space As a Front  [The Real Deal]  There’s no excusing this fraud, period.  However, I feel like it’s a pretty good life rule to not invest in real estate schemes that you learn about in unsolicited emails.

A $2.5 Million Condo Just Sold In Columbia Heights  [Urban Turf DC]  What’s crazier, that there’s a $2.5 million condo in Columbia Heights, or that the owner will probably be able to sell it for twice that within five years?

Want Your Listing to Go Viral?  Add a Toddler  [Inman]  Prepare to receive this article as an email forward from your grandmas, aunts, and mothers.

The Next Job Humans Will Lose to Robots: Real Estate Appraiser?  [Bloomberg]  One of the upsides of being a writer is that a robot could never steal my job.  The downside:  wretched poverty.

Millennials Most Likely to Regret Their Real Estate Decisions  [Housing Wire]  What’s more disturbing, that 71% of millennials regret their real estate decisions (i.e. whether they rented or bought, where they rented or bought, etc.) or that almost half of the entire population harbors those regrets?  For all the time and effort you put into picking your house or apartment, it’s essentially coin flip whether you’ll end up happy.  Makes me feel much better about my philosophy of just taking the first acceptable apartment I see.

In SF, $138K In Income May Soon Qualify for Affordable Housing  [SF Gate]  Just in case you were going to complain that DC was expensive …


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