The greater D.C. Metro area is taking the nation by storm as a strong foundation for female entrepreneurs. In publications such as Inc. and Forbes, not only are women leading the tech community in this district, but other outlets such as non-profit organizations and small businesses.

We checked out some of the greater district’s up and coming female entrepreneurs and interviewed with The Nebula Shop owner, Allison Strang. She had some great insight for those looking to start an online business and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Meet Allison Strang / The Nebula Shop Owner

Q’s & A’s with the lovely Alison Strang:

How old are you?
Allison Strang: 29

In what year did you first start your shop?
AS: 2013

What lead you down the path of vintage fashion?
AS: As I began thrifting I would find these garments that had character and were so well constructed. I started falling in love with the details and began seeking out these unique pieces.

What challenges did you face when first starting and what challenges do you face today? How did you overcome these challenges?
AS: Being a single mom, I had to put my fashion aspirations on hold and go out into the work force. Working full-time was very strenuous but I felt unfulfilled in my career, and though I would come home exhausted or finding my days off to be limited, I found a way to continue the shop. In that struggle alone, I realized what was truly my passion and calling.

When was a time you felt most discouraged and pushed through it?
AS: There are often slow times and being your own boss can be your worst enemy. I tell myself daily that this is what I love and that I’d never want to work for someone else. In a way the store helped me find my voice in this world.

Aside from the shop, is there anything else that you do?
AS: I spend a large majority of my time working on different aspects of the store. The rest is spent with my son, Carter adventuring around the area, we love to be outdoors, go to concerts and enjoy the city.

Favorite fashion decade and icon/idol?
AS: The 60’s are my favorite decade based on so many different inspiring fashion, political, social, and pop culture influences. My ultimate idol / obsession is Stevie Nicks, I grew up worshiping her voice and style.

What your advice when shopping for vintage items?
AS: Most important, is condition (stains, holes, structure). Is the piece something that will fit easily into your daily wardrobe or will it be a piece you let sit for years before you just re-donate it.

Advice for other shop owners and entrepreneurs like yourself?
AS: Let your passion be your driving force and life will reward you.

What’s in store for The Nebula Shop this summer?
AS: Make sure to follow the store on Instagram @shopnebula for collaborations with some local creatives, photoshoots, and many new to the store pieces. I’m also very excited to announce that The Nebula Shop will be getting its own website and ecommerce site at the end of the summer!

There you have it, from and up & coming female entrepreneur right here in the District! Big things are happening aside from her website launch this summer and she’s even been  noticed by the chief fashion editor of Cosmo! She was even noticed by @ShopWhurl, who’s quite known in the vintage community, and we just had to know more about Allison!

Alright now, we know you guys would love to know more, so here’s a list of some other up and coming female entrepreneurs in the greater D.C. area that we thought you might like!

Ginny Atwood
—Ginny Atwood lost her younger brother, Chris Atwood, at the age of 21, to heroin. After this tragic loss, Ginny decided  to start a foundation that provides recovery support and resources to people and families affected by addiction. The Chris Atwood Foundation helped her and her family push through and skyrocket with the amount of love shown among Chris’ friends and the community. Her mission is never ending — she wants to change the conversation and policies about addiction from one’s stigma to one’s support.

Tala Raassi
Fashion is Freedom. This woman’s story is truly unique and beautiful, hailing from Tehran, Iran, Tala Raassi, 34, found FREEDOM through FASHION. At the age of 16, Raassi was thrown in jail and sentenced to 40 lashes for wearing a mini skirt. Now, she’s a successful swimsuit designer hailing from Washington, D.C. Some of her pieces have even been worn by contestants on the Miss Universe pageant! To find out more of her triumphant and courageous story click here.

Bri Hall
– Most of you know this YouTube Guru as The Smartista Beauty, however, she is more unique than most using the vlogging platform. The Jamaican-Italian goddess is only 23-years-old, she’s got quite the resume, and she’s only just getting started! She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science at the University of Maryland Baltimore County  and is very involved in her campus community. Unlike most guru’s, she chose to stay in the district because she wants to give back to her community! Not only is she a beauty guru but she is also beautiful on the inside! Hall is an artist, musician, model, and activist. Check out her interview with Beauty and the Vlog on her YouTube success.

There you have it! Some pretty amazing female entrepreneurs rising from the District and we couldn’t be prouder! We hope some of these women help to inspire those on the rise or wanting to build their own empire. There’s no doubt ladies, Washington, D.C. is exactly where you need to be!

If you know of any other awesome DC women who should be featured, please contact us!

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