How Graffiti Got Turned Into a Trojan Horse for Gentrification  [Arch Daily]  The last time I visited Brooklyn, I saw a tour group of wealthy, older European tourists, riding Segways from graffiti wall to graffiti wall, and listening with utter seriousness as a dude with a face tattoo explained the background of each airbrushed evil clown and puffy-font obscenity.  We are living in post-post-post-modern times.

Bankrupt DC Slumlord Looking to Use Loophole to Unload Properties  [Washington City Paper]  Today’s “The System Is Broken” stat: there are as many attorneys working on this case as there are tenants living in the building in question.

DC Firefighters Rescue Man Stuck In Trash Chute  [Washington Post]  The upside of being rescued from a trash chute:  you get to live the rest of your life.  The downside:  for the rest of your life, you’re going to be known as the moron who got stuck in a trash chute.

Smog-Eating Bikes May Soon Cruise Beijing’s Streets  [Hyperallergic]  This is a brilliant idea.  The way to make bikes an integral part of cities isn’t to ask for courtesy acceptance, but to make them indispensable.

Tour This 400-Square-Foot Apartment for Two  [Apartment Therapy]  What I don’t understand is why they don’t use these hyperefficient innovations (electronics cubbies, hidden closets) in normal-sized apartments too.  Doesn’t everyone want more space?

This Incredible Kitchen Appliance Can Prepare Your Entire Breakfast, Including Coffee  [Mental Floss]  This is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.  I must own it.

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