Weird Real Estate Superstitions That Might Get You Cheaper Rent  [Cheat Sheet]  Would I live in a haunted house?  Ha!  For rent below a thousand a month, I’d live in a carriage house next to a literal portal to hell.

DC Luxury Home Sales Exploded by 71% In 2017  [Urban Turf DC]  In that same time period, I upgraded from an apartment with a huge hole in the roof and ceiling, to an apartment that just has a hole in the ceiling.  I guess a rising tide does lift all boats.

The Once-Filthy Canals of Paris Are Now Swimmable  [Citylab]  These canals were at least as bad as the Anacostia, as recently as the Eighties, but now you can almost drink from them.  This gives me hope that in the near future, I’m going to be able to do an illegal cannonball off the side of the 11th Street Bridge Park, and not come away with any parasites.

An Ode to Shopping Malls  [The New York Times]  I hate to say this, but the other day I was browsing Amazon, and I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be cool if there were places you could physically go, to inspect stuff before you bought it?”

In Defense of the Emoji Building  [Arch Daily]  My objection to the emoji building has nothing to do with emojis;  it’s that in a few short years, emojis are going to be sadly passe.  I mean, how has your Austin Powers “Oh Behave!” lower back tattoo aged?

How Real Estate TV Shows Influence What Homebuyers Want  [Marketwatch]  It’s entirely possible that HGTV is just a propaganda shop for the stainless steel appliance industry.

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