The Ghost Villages of Newfoundland  [Atlas Obscura]  If the worst case scenario comes to pass, and the planet warms like ten degrees, this will be the hottest real estate of the 22nd century.

Hackers Steal $1.5 Million from DC Homebuyers  [WAMU]  Is it really “hacking” if you just send someone your bank account number, tell them to wire you a million bucks, and they do it?

One of DC’s Oldest Homes Has Found a New Owner  [Urban Turf DC]  This house was built when the United States was less than twenty years old.  It makes you realize that this house is really old, and this country is really young.

Doomsday Prepping for Non-Paranoids  [Lifehacker]  Is there really such a thing as non-paranoid prepping or, considering that our president is an Alex Jones fan, is it possible that paranoia has gone mainstream?

How to Stop Gentrification  [New Republic]  Interesting article about how there are different types and levels of gentrification.  It also supports my idea that I should carry around a laminated copy of my tax returns, so when someone accuses me of being a gentrifier, I can whip out my documents, and they’ll be like, “oh sorry, I had no idea you were wretchedly poor.”

It’s Not Just You- There Really Are Fewer Homes For Sale  [USA Today]  Yeah, I knew it wasn’t just me.  Is this headline calling me insecure?

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