How to Destroy a Brutalist Masterpiece Without Actually Demolishing It  [Hyperallergic]  I swear the new, “improved,” colorful semi-Brutalist addition looks exactly like a phone I owned in like 2003.

An Empty Lot In Kalorama Went for $400K Over Ask  [Urban Turf DC]  This lot was apparently sold by the French Embassy which, even if it’s totally kosher in the eyes of the law, is pretty rude.  It’s like if your mom gives you a tie for Christmas and then you put it on Ebay while she’s sitting right next to you on the sofa.

Rhode Island Avenue Redevelopment Tests Limits of “Smart Growth”  ]WAMU]  It’s a good point:  smart growth is sometimes so smart that it creates a neighborhood that’s ludicrously expensive to live in.  Maybe we need a little “mediocre growth” mixed in there.

Austria’s “Fat House” Is A Commentary on Consumerism Or Something  [Arch Daily]  Every time I look at this house, I hear an off-key tuba being played.  Is that wrong?

NoMa Is Soliciting Names for Two New Parks  [DCist]  Remember when they were asking for names for that state-of-the-art science ship, and everyone voted for “Boaty McBoatface”?  Sure hope something similar doesn’t happen here!

Architect Elizabeth Herrmann’s Tiny House Doesn’t Feel Tiny At All  [Digital Trends]  I’m always shocked at how aesthetically pleasing an architect’s house is, and then I remember they went to school specifically for how to build a nice house.

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