What Should Baltimore Do With Its Now-Empty Confederate Statue Platforms?  [Citylab]  The District might be asking itself this same question before long.

This Real Estate Startup Seeks to Disrupt the Disrupters  [Washington Post]  It’s now an all-out war in the real estate community.  They’re going to be clashing with flamethrowers made of aerosol cans of “chocolate chip cookie smell” spray and riot shields made of flattened boxes of boxed chardonnay.

Nearly Half of DC Millennials Can’t Afford Rent  [Curbed DC]  Wait, does that mean that half of all the wall-to-wall millennials I see at bars are homeless?  That explains why they wear so much Axe body spray.

Home Depot Transforms Local Rooftops Into “Solar Farms”  [Washington Business Journal]  It won’t be long before paying for electricity will be as passe as paying for music, TV shows, or movies.  (Am I allowed to say that?)

Some Communities Are Weaponizing Historical Preservation to Stall Development  [Greater Greater Washington]  Anything old could technically be historical, in the sense that Backstreet Boys tour tshirts from 1997 are now technically “vintage.”

Capital One Opening “Financial Advice Coffee Shops” In DC  [DC Inno]  Come and have a $6 latte, and let a professional lecture you on why you shouldn’t have bought that $6 latte.

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