Nobody Knows What NYC’s Underground Looks Like  [Bloomberg]  Mapping a city’s subterranean unknown would be terrifying.  In almost every city that builds a new sewage or subway system, the old abandoned system becomes an underground city of mole people.  Note that the District is almost finished with a new multi-million dollar water system.

A Dupont Circle Condo That Used to Be a Dentist’s Office  [Urban Turf DC]  If unfortunate accidents and untimely deaths can leave tortured ghosts behind, is a former dentist’s office haunted by anxious ghosts whining about how they want more nitrous?  I wouldn’t chance it.

The District Has Lost Track of the Real Estate It Owns  [Washington Post]  Whether you think this is accidental or a variety of corruption depends on how cynical you are.

DC’s Best Blocks  [WTOP]  Living on a block with a good bar and a good coffee shop is the closest you’ll get to heaven on earth.

When a Neighbor Threatens to Sue Over Your Backyard Bamboo Garden  [New York Times]  Every time a baby boomer makes a joke about millennials and their avocado toast, a millennial should make a joke about these two homeowners and their court battle over a bamboo garden.

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