Why Is It So Hard to Sell a Frank Lloyd Wright House?  [Mental Floss]  It would be weird to live in a house, knowing that thousands of strangers are literally in love with it.  It would be like being married to Bill Murray or something.

An Infamous DC Bootlegger’s Former Home Is On the Market  [Washington City Paper]  People probably literally went blind because of gin made in this bathtub!

Brightwood Home With No Roof Hits the Market for Half a Million  [Washingtonian]  Whoever just dropped their drill and said “I’m sick of building this house, let’s just sell it without a roof” is my new forever hero.  Commitment is overrated;  it takes real courage to just walk away.

US Extends Crackdown On Dirty Foreign Money In Luxury Real Estate  [Miami Herald]  What’s the point of becoming a drug kingpin if you can’t buy a Miami penthouse with a duffel bag full of dirty crinkled cash?!

America’s Most Toxic Ghost Town Is Slowly Disappearing  [Hyperallergic]  I don’t believe in curses – but this town is definitely cursed.

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