This Architect Is Building With Black Concrete  [Arch Daily]  Regular Brutalism was already pretty metal, but Brutalism with black concrete is, like, playing-an-electric-guitar-made-from-a-literal-coffin-lid metal.

“Rent Concessions” Loophole Goes to Court In DC  [Washington City Paper]  The most chilling part of this article isn’t that the District’s rent control laws are so weak (we already knew that anyway), but that the “affordable” one bedroom apartment this guy is going to court to get his hands on is $2500 a month.  Dude, you can get a “bargain” like that off Craigslist in about ten minutes.

Petworth Is Getting a Meditation Garden Park  [Curbed DC]  Locals are complaining because they weren’t consulted during the design process, but come on, this is a really nice park.  This is like when your parents surprise you with a BMW for your birthday, and then you complain about the color of the paint job.

How Much Are Trees Worth to Megacities?  [Citylab]  Half a billion dollars, annually, as it turns out.  And that’s not even counting the eventual lumber windfall.  (I kid, I kid.)

Is It a Tiny House Or an RV?  [Urban Turf DC]  Yes, it is.

This Treehouse Is Built From Repurposed Boat Timbers  [Dwell]  I sent this link to my mom, because she and my dad are currently in the early stages of building a new house, and she replied with “it isn’t a treehouse, it’s a trash house.”  The older generation hasn’t come around to the virtues of “upcycling” yet.

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