These Two Norwegians Have Been Sent Here to Spend $12.5 Billion On Real Estate  [Bisnow]  By the time you read this, James Franco and Seth Rogen will have already optioned this story for a buddy comedy.

What Actually Makes a Smart City Smart?  [Citylab]  The urban planner interviewed in this article actually said, “the brain.”  High five to you, Mr. Sarcasm.

People Waited In Line Overnight to Buy These West End Condos  [Washingtonian]  Actually, people paid “professional line holders” to wait overnight.  If we’re talking about a $2 million condo, how much could one of those line holders auction their spot for if they went rogue in the morning?

Build the WMATA of Your Dreams With This Metro Map Maker  [DCist]  I might be in the minority, but I think the metro map is just fine;  I just think it should run all night.  A city with a non-all-night subway is like being a high school senior with a nine o’clock curfew.

The More Social Media Likes Your House Gets, the More It Will Sell For  [NBC News]  The first time I see a social media account for a house, I’m shuttin’ it down and moving to the deep woods.

How Dutch ‘Precision Farming’ Is Feeding the World  [National Geographic]  We’re probably a decade away from everyone having a personal high-tech farming unit that produces all the organic produce we want, for basically free.  And I’ll still order takeout four nights a week.


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