For those of you who’ve got a roof over your head: congrats! That is by no means a small achievement. You have to pay your bills, have relatively good credit, and have it together enough to make that a recurring theme in your life. You’re definitely slaying the game, if the game is “adulting.” However, if you want to level up, your humble abode is going to need be properly outfitted rather than just a place to watch Jon Snow all googley eyed as you lick Cheeto dust from your fingers. You need to at least give the allusion of sophistication. Yep, you’re going to need to decorate.

Decoration means something different for everyone. You might throw the only good picture of you and your best friend you have up on the wall (WHY DO YOU ONLY HAVE ONE GOOD PICTURE TOGETHER?!), and give up on trying to understand that macramé hanging trend and just pretend like you get it and shell out your life savings for some string on your wall. But, at a certain point, once you run out of ideas, you will stare at an abyss of white wall and wonder “what now?”

These days, that question can be met with a multitude of answers. However if you’re looking for something beyond the my-in-laws-are-visiting-let-me-run-to-Marshalls-and-grab-the-first-thing-I-see-that-screams-star-daughter-in-law and you’ve been there, done that with Etsy or other go-tos, here’s an idea for you: Try Absolut Art.

Screenshot 2017-09-08 10.59.10

Absolut Art is a real art retailer, with a mission to make art accessible to everyone . And by “real art,” I mean there are more choices than a framed photograph of John Lennon or Marilyn Monroe. If you’re scratching your head thinking, “Am I drunk? Isn’t Absolut a brand of vodka?,” let me assure you: you’re with me. And yes, Absolut is a vodka brand…and no, there is no difference. Speaking to the seemingly obscure connection between the famed spirit and art, Absolut Art tells a story on their website:

“’I love the bottle design. I want something to do with it’ – Andy Warhol

In 1986 those words sparked a relationship between Warhol and a little known Swedish brand called Absolut Vodka. The bottle’s iconic Swedish design inspired over 600 artist collaborations in the 30 years that followed, casting the brand into the public consciousness. Jean-Michelle Basquiat, David Bowed, and Damien Hirst all joined the Absolut family. After 30 years of collaborating with greats, we’re now on a mission to help you upgrade your walls with contemporary art from around the world.”

Screenshot 2017-09-08 11.01.33.png

So, art is not as much of a stretch for the brand as many might initially think. But, what makes Absolut Art different from Target or anywhere else that you might typically find home décor? More or less it’s their curation chops. Absolut Art has a team of curators that they send to prominent cities throughout the world. While traveling, these art experts scope local scenes for promising talent. From there, they make contacts and encourage those artists to sell their work on Absolut Art. The art is then sold at a price range the artist is comfortable with, but Absolut Art deems appropriate for your average Joe art collector (think anywhere from $100 – $3,000). The revenue is split 50/50 between Absolut Art and the artists. Nahema Mehta, the company’s CEO, says:

“Our goal is to bridge the gap between artists creating and people collecting, and make living with art an everyday opportunity.”

Slowly back away from the macramé wall hangings, folks. Slowly now…

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