This Abandoned Congress Heights Building Is Ground Zero In a Showdown Between the District and Developers  [Washington City Paper]  The mayor must be sweating so hard every time yet another Sanford story drops.  Like this one, which mentions that her campaign was fined for accepting an illegal gift from one of the developers who stands to benefit hugely if the city clears the way for them to acquire this building.

London’s Sewers Are Clogged With Massive Globs of Fat  [Citylab]  No, you stop laughing!  I’ll stop laughing when you stop laughing.

The District Is Converting Parking Spaces Into Miniature Parks Today  [DCist]  This being America, there is certainly some loud group demanding that, in the interests of fairness, we now have to have a day where we convert parks into parking lots.

The McMillan Reservoir Development Is Back On – For Now  [Urban Turf DC]  If the McMillan development was a couple, it would be that couple who breaks up and gets back together three times a year, every year.

Childless Buyers Are Changing the Real Estate Market  [The Real Deal]  *Puts on tinfoil hat*  What if the migration from the sprawling suburbs (people with kids want big houses with yards) to the urban core (childless people want to be close to everything, and need much less room) is actually being driven by plummeting fertility rates caused by environmental toxins?

Are Car Charging Stations the Newest Amenity In Real Estate?  [NACS]  I’m getting mixed messages about our future utopia.  Are we heading towards zero-emissions electric cars that we charge in our garage, or a massive fleet of ownerless driverless cars that will take us anywhere we want to go for a nominal fee?

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