Why Are There So Many Parking Lots In the US?  [Arch Daily]  If there are 8 parking spaces for every car, how come every time I have to park a friend’s car, I end up futilely circling the neighborhood in the middle of the night until I’m weeping red hot tears of rage and frustration?

Three Transformative DC Transportation Projects That Didn’t Happen  [Curbed DC]  Imagine how much different the District would be right now if they’d went ahead and built that eight lane expressway right through the middle of the city’s eastern half.

What Would an Amazon HQ Mean for DC’s Housing Market?  [Urban Turf DC]  It would mean you’d be paying $7500/month for a one bedroom.  (And sharing it with four roommates.)

Theoretically, a Majority of US Households Could Afford to Buy a House  [Zillow]  The “theoretically” qualifier means that this is only true if you define “income” as “how much money people pretend they have on social media.”

Someone Bought a House In Texas With Bitcoin  [Market Forecast]  I’m not saying I totally understand how bitcoin works, but it can’t be any stupider than using little pieces of paper with drawings of dead presidents on them.

The Best Places to Live In 2017  [Time]  Indiana?  North Dakota?  The “best places to live in 2017” list seems to overlap quite a bit with the “places nobody wants to live in 2017” list, not to mention the “tourism boards that (allegedly) spent the most money on media bribes in 2017” list.

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