This Startup Will Give You a Down Payment – If You Rent Part of Your House On Airbnb  [Citylab]  This is like one of those hypotheticals you come up with to amuse everyone in the car during a long drive.  “You get a billion dollars, tax free, but the only sound you can make for the rest of your life is an earsplitting belch.”

How DC’s Demographics Have Changed In Seven Years  [Urban Turf DC]  *surprised eyes emoji*

The Kardashian Real Estate Timeline  [LA Times]  It’s an article with “Kardashian” in the headline.  You’re going to bitterly scoff, say something derisive about it, and then click anyway.

A New Breed of Real Estate Investor Is Destroying American Cities  [The New Republic]  Halfway through this article about how you can buy dirt cheap abandoned homes online, I realized that a bad decision was in my near future.  (I just spent an hour looking at tax auction listings.)

Bit by Bit, Miami Real Estate Will Embrace Bitcoin  [Miami Herald]  Hmm, I wonder if this is related to the government crackdown on shady foreign money?

DC Council May Limit TOPA Rights for Tenants  [Greater Greater Washington]  Does TOPA get exploited by tenants sometimes?  Sure.  But the “horror stories” cited by anti-TOPA advocates aren’t really TOPA stories – they’re America stories.  If you give someone leverage, they’re going to make you pay.  (Literally.)

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