People Are Already Destroying DC’s Dockless Bikeshare Bikes  [Popville]  Say what you will, but we both know that if you were walking home drunk and came across a bikeshare bike that was owned by literally no one, you would at least think about throwing it off a bridge.

Are Real Estate Execs Sabotaging Nonprofit Housing From the Inside?  [SF Weekly]  What’s worse, that we’ve entered the Age of Conspiracies, or that all the conspiracy theories are turning out to be true?

Housing Hunting? Former Murder Scenes Can Be a Bargain  [Idaho Statesman]  My first instinct was that I could never live in a former murder house, but then I read in this article that some guy got a house for $18K because it had been a crime scene, and now I’m like, “Don’t even bother cleaning up, I’ll just move in as is.”

Inside the Agrihood Real Estate Trend  [Architectural Digest]  As someone who lived on a farm as a child, you can’t claim to live on a farm unless your home smells like manure for a good part of the day.

Ward 3 Residents Fight to Block Homeless Shelter  [Washington City Paper]  Let’s not forget that in 100% of cases where residents sue to block something from being built (a homeless shelter, affordable housing), fail, and the project gets built anyway, the residents admit afterwards that nothing’s changed and they were just being paranoid.

The Funniest Town Names In All 50 States  [Mental Floss]  The town of Slickpoo, Idaho was named after a man with the last name of Slickpoo.  Can you imagine how hard his life would’ve been if he’d become a middle school teacher?

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