Why Are So Many Fascist Monuments Still Standing In Italy?  [The New Yorker]  A shameful monument is like a tattoo of your ex – you don’t want it there anymore, but addressing the problem is almost like bestowing an importance on it that it doesn’t deserve.

Will Smart Cities Inevitably Promote Inequality?  [Arch Daily]  In the near future, the real have-nots are going to be late adopters of efficiency apps.

Crystal Heights: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Lost DC Development  [Curbed DC]  Glass walls and a marble courtyard?  I can’t decide if it sounds louche and retro-futuristic, or like a Chevy Chase dentist’s office.

DC Slumlord Sells Off Buildings in Columbia Heights and Brookland  [Bisnow]  The per-unit price was pretty low because of, ahem, “deferred maintenance.”

Everything That’s About to Open at The Wharf  [Urban Turf DC]  Come for some Shake Shack, stay because “The Torch” pierside fire feature singed off your eyebrows and you’re too embarrassed to face your significant other.


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