The Dark Twisted History Behind a Former DC Ice Cream Empire  [Washingtonian]  If they ever relaunch Gifford’s, they’re going to have to include a bunch of new family-dysfunction-themed flavors.  (“Abandon-mint Issues”?)

8 Tiny Structures Used As Offices or Creative Retreats  [Dwell]  I have a dream of building a writing studio out of a container that’s been lined with something that will completely block out internet and phone signals.  (And yes, I know I would just end up standing right outside it, looking at my phone.)

Kickstarter-Style Crowdfunding Has Reached House Flipping  [LA Magazine]  I was going to roll my eyes at this but then I realized that if you invested a thousand dollars and doubled it in a year or two, that’s probably better than any other investment you could buy aside from illegal narcotics.

This Boarded-Up Zero Bedroom Shack In Seattle Is Going to Sell for a Mint  [Geekwire]  There’s a small, ramshackle house very similar to this near my parents house in the small town Midwest, and it’s listed for four figures.  Location really is the only thing that matters.

This Abandoned Hotel Is Sitting On a $260 Million Plot of Land  [Business Insider]  See blurb above.

Fireplaces, Ensuites, and Attics (?) – What DC Luxury Renters Look For  [Urban Turf DC]  Isn’t it kind of creepy that the top search term for luxury renters is “master”?



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