Branded Urban Space Is the Future of Cities  [Citylab]  I used to think it was hilarious how I once tweeted my friend’s Miller High Life tattoo at the Miller brewery and got him a free case of beer, but now I realize it was just a preview of the future.

What It Actually Took to Build “The Wharf”  [Washingtonian]  You can see down into the underground music venue through the floor of the Channel’s infinity pool, which is a nice way of saying that concertgoers at the underground music venue will be commenting on your buttocks pressed against the glass ceiling throughout the evening.

Living In a Dense Neighborhood Reduces Your Risk of Obesity  [Citylab]  Well, considering I can follow my neighbors’ conversations through the walls, I figure it’s safe to treat myself to another pint of ice cream.

This Incredible House Used to Be a Cattle Barn  [Dwell]  I’ve always wanted to live in a barn, and this one is exceptionally cool;  but why wouldn’t you keep the lofts?!

Airbnb Is Now Constructing Apartment Buildings  [Fast Company]  Would it be ironic if Airbnb destroyed the hotel industry, only to become the new hotel industry, or am I just really naive not to realize that was their plan all along?

Boston’s Weird Prison Island of Exile  [Hyperallergic]  It’s an entire Brutalist island of former prisons and sewage plants that looks like a set from the new “Blade Runner.”

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