Amazon Will Soon Deliver a Tiny House Right to Your Door  [Apartment Therapy]  Getting a house delivered to your house is like retail “Inception” for pathologically lazy people.

DC to Baltimore In 15 Minutes: 3 Proposed Routes for the High-Speed Train  [Urban Turf DC]  When I was a kid, we used to put pennies on the train tracks, to see them get flattened.  This train would vaporize them.

Mayor Pitches 4 Neighborhoods to Amazon  [DCist]  If Amazon builds its new HQ here, rent is going to go up so much that Jeff Bezos is going to be looking for a roommate.

What to Do When Your Neighbor’s Whistling Annoys You  [New York Times]  I admit I was pretty amused when I realized this advice columnist basically advised to “get over it.”  But I will offer this tidbit – when my father’s whistling gets annoying, the only way to get him to quit is to whistle along with him.

A Sneak Peek Inside DC’s New Museum of the Bible  [Washington Post]  I guess if there’s a Museum of Sex, there’s got to be a Museum of the Bible too.  America is so hilariously American sometimes.

There’s a Baby Boom In DC – and on the City Council  [WAMU]  For eight weeks of paid leave, I will absolutely make up nine months of fake watercooler anecdotes about my fake impending child (“Yesterday’s ultrasound went great, y’all!”), and keep a framed picture of a stock photo baby on my desk when I get back from my two months of paternity leave.   (That mysteriously left me tan and relaxed, almost as if I spent that time in a tropical climate, and not pacing a nursery all night, every night.)

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