I don’t know when the term “staycation” was invented, or who was able to twist the sad notion that they were just too tired to go anywhere on vacation into a hip thing that people strived toward, but….props to the 21st century for this one. If you’ve ever gotten back from vacation having seen a new slice of the world but honestly feeling like you probably should have just slept the whole time, you’re not alone – the act of actually going and doing is, quite frankly, exhausting. That’s why staycations are where it’s at – you still request the time off, you still eat as if calories don’t exist, and you still spend money you don’t have, but you don’t have to squeeze yourself into an airplane seat and pretend to be satisfied with a snack size of four peanuts. While, yes, we can all admit that some time in the Bahamas or strolling around Spain is nice, there is something to be said sometimes for just staying put.

The jury’s out, though, if you can truly call it a “vacation” without saying “smell ya later” to the trash that needs to be taken out, laundry that needs folded, amongst all the other chores that might taunt you if you even so much as think about R & R. No, even if you’re lurking about the District avoiding your boss’s favorite lunch spots during your time off, it’s still the right call to splurge on a cool place to stay. And in DC, there are plenty. Here are some of the hippest spots to hit the hay in Washington DC:



The Hay-Adams Hotel

The Hay-Adams hotel has been drawing guests from near and far since 1928, commemorating the space in the city where John Hay and Henry Adams used to call home. It’s historic, yes, but this place doesn’t have a coating of dust atop it. In fact, it’s a luxury hotel that earned four out of five diamonds from the AAA back in 1984 and, more recently, four out of five stars from Forbes Travel Guide in 2016. Their slogan, “Where nothing is overlooked but the White House,” is a smart nod to the hotel’s dreamy locale that overlooks the White House with perhaps the most quintessential DC view ever. Rooms here start around $379/night, and come alongside a long list of amenities like babysitting and childcare (surcharge), 24-hour fitness facilities, business center, concierge services, laundry facilities, a lobby fireplace, and more – not to mention close proximity to an on-site restaurant and 24-hour room service (SCORE!).



Kimpton Donovan Hotel

Cool comes to life in this modern example of how rad a place to sleep can actually be. On their website, the hotel describes its personality as “a large dose of edge, peppered with a pinch of mystery.” And while that might be true, the cat’s out of the bag: this place is a great place to stay, winning accolades such as the “World’s Best Awards 2016: Best Hotels in Washington, D.C.” from Travel + Leisure Magazine and a “Certificate of Excellence, 2017” from Trip Advisor. Their coolness factor is elevated by luxuries such as their rooftop pool, onsite Japanese restaurant, CO Bigelow toiletries, free evening wine tastings, and sleek design that makes you feel like saying the reservation’s under the name “Bond, James Bond” when you check in. Rooms here cost a little less than the Hay-Adams historic charm, starting around $260/night.



The Ritz-Carton, Georgetown

Everyone wants a hint of class while they’re away from home, and the Ritz-Carton, of course, delivers in droves. If you want to feel like you’ve “made it,” this is the place to stay – a home away from home that you won’t want to leave. The rooms here are spacious, and come equipped with upgrades you didn’t know you needed, like sunken bathtubs and feather-topped beds. Bonus points if you’re into seeing history transformed – this hotel was dreamt up in the midst of a historic industrial building, or, more specifically, a former trash incinerator.


Phoenix Park Hotel

No matter what boutique stay you book in DC, it would seem they all have historical significance…so it goes with the Phoenix Park Hotel as well. Located on Capitol Hill, this hotel’s bones were built in 1922…a forever-popular base for everyone from politicians to businessmen and woman to tourists. Here they have all the amenities you could expect in a upscale hotel (24-hour fitness center, concierge services, complimentary coffee, in-room umbrellas, and more). However, the real charm is in the ambiance…marble floors, regal décor, and custom-built furnishings. Is moving in an option? Asking for a friend…


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