City Councilmember Wants to Rebrand East of the River as “East End”  [Washington Post]  Renaming is the final stage of gentrification.  Someday a city is just going to sell the naming rights to an “up-and-coming” neighborhood to a corporation.  (“Yankee Candle Village.”)

Hurricane Sandy Victims Are Receiving Modular Homes  [New York Times]  If these modular homes snap together like Legos, can you snap on expansions later, if you want a bigger house?  I could definitely see myself saving up every year to add another room to my house.

Your Brain Really Is Sabotaging Your Real Estate Purchases  [Bisnow]  If you can’t trust your brain, and you can’t trust your gut, what can you trust?  Tarot card readings?

There’s a ‘War On Sitting’ Happening In Our Cities  [Citylab]  It really is impossible to find a place to just sit down. One of the most irritating things about traveling is all the unwanted beers, coffees, and meals you buy just so you can sit down for an hour.  (And I just at this moment realized that’s the whole reason for the ‘War On Sitting.’)

DC Considers Tax Breaks for Office-to-Residential Conversions  [Urban Turf DC]  I’ve always said that offices have the best views.  I think I’m too cynical, because I’m flat-out shocked that an idea this good might actually happen.

6 Modern Homes On Wheels  [Dwell]  I was going to say that these are perfect if you have annoying neighbors, because  you could just wheel your house away from them.  But wouldn’t it be much better revenge to wheel your house so close to theirs that they’re actually touching?

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