You might not believe me, but here it goes: I was into tiny houses before they were cool. Yep, I was just an unknown trendsetter who was living small instead of large, spread out over 1200 square feet (in the best of times) and something like 600 square feet (in the worst of times). It might have been because I couldn’t afford anything different, but yet, there I was…scraping by, yet light-years ahead of my time. Still, I must admit, that like some people, the tiny house phenomenon does make me scratch my head a bit. Bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to personal space where I can be myself and lounge about in my unmentionables whilst eating a Pinterest fail mug brownie, then yeah, the bigger the better.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 7.04.50 PM.png

Living tiny might not be my dream scenario, but I can see wanting to vacation small. Tiny houses can make you feel quaint, hipster, and like you’re saving the trees one non-developed square foot at a time. In enters a startup that has just found itself on the fringes of DC – Getaway. As quoted directly from their website:

“Getaway builds collections of tiny houses on wooded plots of land just outside the city where you can go to recharge in nature, reconnect with people you love, and rekindle an interest in life unplanned.”

So far they have tiny getaways located on the outskirts of Boston, NYC, and most recently, DC. The tiny homes are all conveniently located roughly a few hours from city’s center, with DC’s collection situated near the nature-filled Shenandoah valley. The plan is to have 20 available tiny homes, spread out over about 80 acres of land, ensuring renters privacy and a genuine escape from city life, if only for a weekend.


The cabins will be varied to accommodate different group sizes, with two and four-person availability. The spaces are truly tiny though, so four-person cabins will have bunkbed style sleeping quarters. Similar to any hotel stay, the bathrooms will be full and come ready-to-go with shower products for guests. Deviating from the average hotel, though, the homes will feature kitchens at the ready, with stoves, sink, running water, pots and pans. In a statement quoted by CURBED DC, Jon Staff, one of the company’s founders, said:

“At Getaway, we believe your nature routine is just as important as your workout routine. As we considered where to establish our third location, we had a lot of folks reach out to us from DC, and are excited to now be able to offer them an easy escape.”

The intro rate for the DC area has been set to begin at $125/night, but that specialized period will end on October 9th,  and then it will soon become apparent what price range they will  fall within on a normal basis. Sticking true to the brands hipster, earthy vibes, their will be no mini fridge – but their will be a box of provisions available for purchase to make your stay all the more homey. Think stuff like s’mores fixins, beef jerky, granola, coffee, JiffyPop. Oh yeah, and you can bring your pup along for an additional fee…

Perhaps tiny homes are the next big thing after all?


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