The Price of This Brightwood Home Almost Doubled In Three Months  [Curbed DC]  They renovated it, sure, but what did they do, plate the entire interior with gold leaf?

Is This the Worst House to Hit the Market, Ever?  [Redfin]  “Looks like it had a kitchen and bathroom at one time.”  Also – “lovely views.”  (Views of what?  It looks like it’s located on the moon.)

Five New Eyebrow-Raising Names for DC Neighborhoods  [Washington City Paper]  Calling Truxton Circle/Bloomingdale “North Capitol” makes no sense, and if you use that name around me, I will react like you just inserted your wet finger into my ear.

These Transparent Solar Panel Windows Could Supply All Our Energy Needs  [Newsweek]  Would washing these windows carry a risk of electrocution?  I only ask because I hate washing windows and would welcome any excuse to not do it.

Mansions Are Piling Up While Rich People Fight Over Smaller Homes  [Bloomberg]  Are we really looking at a future where rich people all move to the city and live in small homes, and poor people are pushed out to the suburbs, where the only homes are massive sprawling McMansions?  America is weird.

This Video Game Lets You Pretend to Be a Highway Traffic Planner  [Hyperallergic]  I saw a video game the other day that simulated working in a cubicle.  I thought there must have been a twist, like you have to escape the office or something to get the actual game to begin, but no, that was the whole game.  We’ve gone through the looking glass.

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