DC’s Million Dollar Home Sales Reach Record Levels  [Urban Turf DC]  Honestly, a million dollars doesn’t even sound like much money anymore.  If you told me you bought a million dollar house, I would react like you said that you just bought a used hatchback off Craigslist.

What Do You Do When the Apartment Is Great, But the Hallway Smells Terrible?  [New York Times]  Have you ever been in an apartment building hallway that didn’t smell terrible?

Speculators Are Even Flipping Cemetery Plots Now  [NPR]  Some burial plots are now selling for over a million dollars!  Burial plots!  Do these people understand what “death” means?

How to Sell a Haunted House In DC  [Curbed DC]  This was a very amusing article, but it would’ve been equally amusing if the entire article was just the line, “Put it on the market.”

People Are Just Plopping Down Prefab “Tiny Penthouses” On Top of Buildings  [Dwell]  It’s like a hat for a building.  That you can live in.

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