How One Company Uses Blockchain to Transform Property Deals  [Tech Republic]  It’s never been a better time to be a druglord who needs to launder several million dollars through luxury real estate.

Tales of Haunted Home Sales In DC  [Washingtonian]  Yes, I know Halloween is over, but the story about the local shaman exorcising a little girl ghost is a must-read.

This Newly-Opened Chinese Library Is Probably the Nicest Library On Earth  [Arch Daily]  Great, let’s build the greatest library ever, now that no one reads books anymore.  Maybe next someone can build a really fancy VHS storage cabinet.

This $1.7 Motorhome Even Has a Garage  [Bored Panda]  You can literally park your car inside this car.  If this is something you are interested in owning, please seek help.

This House In Vietnam Makes the Most of 194 Square Feet  [Dwell]  Looking at these meticulously designed houses makes you realize that most houses are just not designed at all.  Most of us live in the architectural equivalent of sweatpants.

This Awesome 50-Acre Luxury Maryland Estate Comes With Accommodations for 16 Horses  [Curbed DC]  It’s priced at just under $4 million, but if you’re the type of person who owns 16 horses, you probably don’t care how much anything costs.


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