In Other News …

British Museum to Save Part of Brutalist Housing Project Slated for Demolition  [Arch Daily]  Today we go to museums and look at paintings of naked ladies eating fruit;  in 200 years they’re going to go to museums and look at abrasively ugly studio apartments made of concrete.  Twenty-third century first dates are going to be even more awkward than they are now.

Everyone Thinks DC Is Going to Get Amazon’s HQ2  [Washington Business Journal]  Even though I think getting HQ2 would be a bad idea, I still have this weird desire to beat the other cities, sort of like how sometimes you end up pursuing a person romantically just because someone you dislike is also pursuing them.

How to Pedestrianize a Vital Urban Street  [Citylab]  This article made me wonder which major DC street would make the best park/pedestrian plaza if it was permanently closed to traffic.  I vote for K Street downtown, though 18th in Adams Morgan is probably the most likely place where this would realistically happen.

Hitler’s Former Island Hideaway Is Now a Luxury Vacation Resort  [The Mirror UK]  What does it mean that in 2017, there are headlines every single day about Nazis?  (This resort does look pretty nice though.)

Georgetown’s West Heating Plant Is Now DC’s Newest Historic Landmark  [Curbed DC]  As you probably know, a developer has been working to convert this building into luxury condos, a project which is now much more complicated.  I bet he had a tall, strong drink when he heard this news.

This Amazing Home Is Made of 21 Shipping Containers  [Dwell]  “I love how shipping container houses are so simple and inexpensive – let’s make a super complicated and expensive one!” – Builder of this house, completely missing the point.

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