How Shady Investors Launder Money Through New York Real Estate  [The Week]  I’m always amused at how half-baked these money laundering schemes are, like Paul Manafort’s brilliant plan of using a briefcase of Russian cash to buy expensive houses, and then just crossing his fingers that no one, including the IRS, would ever wonder where he got the money.  That’s not money laundering, that’s barely money febreezing.

Investors Snap Up Flood-Damaged Houston Homes  [NPR]  Sure, why not, they’re not due for another hundred year flood for another hund- oh, wait, like three or four years, thanks to climate change.

Facebook Is Making Massive Push Into Real Estate Listings  [Housing Wire]  I can’t wait to use my fake account to leave snarky comments on my ex’s home listing.

How the Tax Bills In Congress Would Affect the Local Housing Market  [Urban Turf DC]  Wait, I thought they wanted people to buy homes?  Did they decide that was now a bad thing?

DC Is Applying to Raze Barry Farm  [Curbed DC]  Remember when gentrification was a decades-long process of outsiders moving into a neighborhood and slowly raising the property values?  Now local governments are so hungry for those sweet tax dollars that they just level the entire neighborhood and build a half-billion-dollar development on the ruins.



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