DC Exhibit Shows Off 21st Century Adaptable Housing  [Urban Turf DC]  We’re about to have houses with electric retractable walls, embedded TVs that double as mirrors, and convertible furniture that transforms into two or three different pieces, and yet I’m still using the box my air conditioner came in as a coffee table.  (Yet it’s not even close to being the worst coffee table ever.)

Failed Malls and Department Stores Are Being Turned Into Post-Industrial Playgrounds  [Citylab]  Looks like our worries that society wouldn’t be able to recycle 20th century commercial buildings were totally unfounded.  My new dream home is a former Blockbuster Video.

The Seattle Effect: How Amazon Changes a City’s Real Estate Market  [WFAA]  Seattle real estate values doubled in six years.  If you own a house in DC, you should be emailing Jeff Bezos and offering to wash his car every weekend if he picks us for HQ2.

Augmented Reality Is the Latest Trend In Real Estate Tech  [New York Times]  Have you people not seen “The Matrix”?  Because this is how you end up living in “The Matrix.”

DC’s Forty-Year-Old Office Buildings Are Facing Down a Midlife Crisis  [Greater Greater Washington]  I agree that these 40 year old buildings aren’t cool anymore, but if your midlife-crisis-ing Dad got his ear pierced when you were in high school, you know that 40 year olds just aren’t supposed to be cool.


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