This Tiny Japanese House Makes the Most of 600 Square Feet  [Digital Trends]  Japan has the coolest tiny homes, because they’ve been overcrowded forever.  It’s the same reason French wine tastes like the nectar of the gods and American wine tastes like rotten grapes.

Twenty Percent of DC Homeowners Are “Equity Rich”  [WTOP]  Twenty percent sounds awfully low to me, but even that means that one in five of your homeowning friends should always be picking up the bar tab.

New DC Bill Will Incentivize Good Landlord Behavior  [Washington City Paper]  This is a good idea.  If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the ongoing Sanford slumlord saga, it’s that the market basically incentivizes bad landlord behavior.

Driverless Cars Won’t Save Us  [Citylab]  If they save me from awkward conversations with Uber drivers, that’s enough for me.

Bitcoin Is Creeping Into Real Estate Transactions  [Wall Street Journal]  Hmm, a crackdown on luxury real estate purchases through money-laundering shell companies is followed by an increase in purchases using an untraceable hacker currency?  You don’t say!

The Tax Bill Could Tank Home Prices – and That Might Be a Good Thing  [Time]  I guess the idea is that people who can’t afford to buy houses now (*coughMillennialscough*) would be able to enter a depressed market.  Wake me up when you can buy a Shaw rowhouse for $10K.

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