There’s Going to Be a Huge Igloo At CityCenter in December  [Curbed DC]  If I lived in, say, Minnesota, I’d build an igloo and live in it for a month, just to write an article about it.  Man, I’m glad I don’t live in Minnesota.

This Long Island Estate Is On the Market for $55 Million  [Mansion Global]  The seller bought the estate in 2002 for $750K, and is set to make a 7000% profit!  This makes me rethink all those proposals and schemes that I dismissed, over the years, as “too good to be true.”  Some schemes are actually true.

DC Is Quietly Being Rebuilt By Foreign Money  [Washington Post]   If foreigners can buy green cards by investing money in real estate projects – which primarily benefit the developers of said projects – there should also be a program for them to buy citizenship by being a patron/patroness to an impoverished writer or artist.  (That sentence started out as a joke, but by the end of it I was totally serious.)

This Abandoned Newark Mansion Is a Neglected Gem  [Messy Nessy Chic]  If you read about the estate above that’s about to turn a 7000% profit and thought, “why can’t I ever hear about these opportunities?”, well, here’s one now.

What Are the World’s Most Fragile Cities?  [Citylab]  Say what you will about the state of America today, but we’re still way less screwed up than Yemen and South Sudan.  The key to contentment is lowered expectations.

I’m Addicted to Late Night Zillow-Stalking  [Architectural Digest]  Who hasn’t stalked a house or two?  The question with houses is the same as with people;  which is most alluring, the ones who are completely out of your class, or the ones that are theoretically within your means?


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