You Can Now Literally Grow a Building  [Arch Daily]  I love the idea of guiding trees into forming a house, but isn’t it going to take, like, 30 years?  What do you do in the meantime?

The Shaw Whole Foods Has Officially Broken Ground  [Urban Turf DC]  Thirty percent of the housing will be affordable, none of which you’ll be able to afford.

How Are the Wharf’s Shared Car-Pedestrian Spaces Working?  [Greater Greater Washington]   I love the “is it a street or a sidewalk?” vibe down on the Wharf, and it’s clearly the future.

A Floating Church Will Soon Sail London’s Canals  [Architectural Digest]  DC might be the per capita church capital of the country; we need a floating church ASAP.

Some NYC Tenants Can Pay Their Rent In Bitcoin  [Housing Wire]  Even though it’s probably tempting to pay your rent in nonexistent internet bucks, keep in mind that it’s still increasing in value by the day.  Don’t be like the guy who bought a pizza with bitcoins that turned out to be worth literal millions.

Cheaper Houses Are Increasing In Value 4X Faster Than Expensive Ones  [CNBC]  I can’t decide if this is obvious high school-level economics, or cause for mild panic.  I’m going to go with mild panic, just because it’s more fun.

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