Pantone’s Color of the Year Is All Over DC  [Curbed DC]  I’m always leery of colors like this, because when I was growing up, my grandmother had an avocado-colored kitchen that was like the coolest kitchen on 1967, but the ugliest kitchen of every other year of human history.  Still, I guess she did have that one year of all her friends being totally jealous.

Take a 3D Tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater  [Mental Floss]  I would be so nervous living in a historic house like this, considering I open beer bottles on the edges of doorframes, and accidentally leave circular scorch marks on counters by setting a red-hot teakettles on them at least once a month.

The 5 Most Expensive Homes That Sold In DC In 2017  [Urban Turf DC]  One of these was so expensive that the buyer wasn’t even a person, it was a country.

The City Has Finally Decided What to Do With Their 4 Vacant Anacostia Houses  [Washington City Paper]  I suspect their original plan was to sit on them until they were worth millions, but they got shamed into turning them over to an affordable housing nonprofit.  Still, they deserve applause for doing it.

What Happened to the American Boomtown?  [New York Times]  Short answer:  it got outsourced to China.

The $40 I-66 Toll Is Making People Crazy  [Greater Greater Washington]  In a rational universe, people would’ve just taken another route.  But in this universe, they paid the $40 and then complained about it on Twitter.

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