The Super-Weird Architecture of Queens, NY  [Hyperallergic]  Who would’ve thought such a boring place could have houses this wacky?  I feel like most of these were motivated by someone’s extreme burning hatred of their neighbor, or by hallucinogenic drug use.  Or both.

This Logan Circle Luxury Building’s Corporate Landlord Has Turned It Into an Airbnb Hell  [Washington City Paper]  Usually it’s the landlords complaining about the tenants ruining the building with excessive Airbnb-ing.  This is the ‘dog bites man’ of real estate stories.  (It’s also an unpleasant reminder that ‘disruption’ is a two-way street.)

Adams Morgan Takes a Small Step Towards a Car-less 18th Street  [Urban Turf DC]  What’s the argument against closing 18th between, say, Kalorama and Columbia Road?  That the 18th Street pedestrian plaza becomes an open-air vomiting and brawling gallery?  As far as I’m concerned, that’s a feature, not a bug.

NoMa Christens ‘Swampoodle Park’  [Washington Business Journal]  In a perfect world, we’d be talking about how Swampoodle was christening ‘NoMa Park.’  But it ain’t a perfect world.

This Miami Penthouse Is For Sale For 33 Bitcoins  [Curbed Miami]  When I bought my bitcoin, this would’ve come to about $1600.  I’m going to keep pretending I own this bitcoin because of my investment foresight, and not because Silk Road got shut down before I could use it to buy weed online.

The Most Buzzed-About Real Estate Stories of 2017  []  Did you know an apartment sold in DC this year for $1,490?  That’s not a typo, and it wasn’t a scam.  An apartment in the city literally sold for the price of a Pottery Barn sofa.

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