Inside DC’s Reefer Rent Parties  [Urban Turf DC]  I don’t have much interest in DC weed parties, mostly because smoking weed around strangers is a guaranteed existential crisis-slash-flop sweat for me, but the party in this article where you smoke and paint does sound kind of intriguing.  I wonder if the paintings get better or worse as you smoke?

These Two Modernist Homes Were Merged Into an Incredible Compound  [Architectural Digest]  It takes a lot of guts to buy two pristine, historically significant houses and then mash them together into a sort of house sandwich.  But these two pulled it off.  I don’t know about that outdoor ping pong table, though.

Chinatown Residents Are Furious About Street Performers  [Washington City Paper]  I’m torn about this story.  On one hand, some of these descriptions of the noise levels do sound unreasonable.  On the other hand, if you want peace and quiet, there are a lot of neighborhoods to choose from, most of them probably cheaper than Chinatown.  I dunno.

This Real Estate Scam Stole $1 Billion In 2017  [Money]  I swear I’ve had anxiety dreams in which I wire large sums of money to the wrong person and can’t get it back.  Is that where hackers get their ideas?  “What’s the worst thing you can imagine?  Let’s just do that to people.”

The Best Container Houses In the World  [Digital Trends]  I had the craziest shower thought the other day:  there’s no difference between a trailer and a container home.  So why do we regard them so differently?

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