Miami Real Estate Loves Bitcoin – But Will Bitcoin Love It Back?  [The Real Deal]  You can buy a $15 million mansion in Miami in bitcoin, which is just insane considering bitcoin could be literally worthless a year from now.  My favorite part of this bitcoin-for-luxury-real estate story is thinking about Colombian druglords asking their surly teenager to please show them how to buy bitcoins online.

You Can Buy a Wooden Prefabricated Escape Pod  [Dwell]  I don’t know what this is, but I know I want one.

DC City Council Might Give Some Dupont Circle Development Projects Some Highly Questionable Tax Breaks  [Washington City Paper]  How do the Freemasons keep getting all these tax exemptions?!  What do they have in that 16th Street temple that gives them so much leverage over the government?  Is it a UFO?  I bet it’s a UFO.

Is the Hop-Back the New Pop-Up?  [Urban Turf DC]  These seem fine;  building a whole new structure in the backyard is going to force you to pour a foundation and do everything right.   Whereas some of the pop-ups I’ve seen literally look like someone nailed a mobile home to the roof of a rowhouse.

This Guy Wants to Park His Tiny House In Your Backyard  [Popville]  Believe it or not, that headline is not a double entendre.

Columbia, MD Could Be Hit Hard By the New Tax Bill  [New York Times]  The bottom line is, we don’t really know what’s going to happen.  This rushed tax bill is like when you impulse-buy a random bottle of herbal supplements at Whole Foods.  You have no idea how they’re going to affect you;  you might get a splitting headache, or your IQ might double.  (As a habitual impulse-buyer of Whole Foods herbal supplements, I can tell you that 80% of the time, they just give you a splitting headache.)

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