You Can Buy the Average American Home for 18 Bitcoin  [Forbes]  A guy once bought a pizza – yes, a pizza – for 5,000 bitcoin.  I don’t care how high you are, that was a bad deal.

The Most Beautiful Remote Restaurants  [Architectural Digest]  This list makes me want to rewatch “The Trip.”  The genius of that show is that even though it makes you really jealous with all the mouthwatering close-ups of five-star meals, it also shows you the hours of tedium and travel that you have to endure to get to these remote restaurants, as well as the insane bill at the end of the meal.

Is Real Estate’s “Bro Culture” Going Limp?  [The Real Deal]  What does “the Matt Lauer of real estate” even mean?  Actually, don’t answer that.

The Most Popular Uber and Lyft Destinations In DC In 2017  [Washington Post]  They should compile a “Most Popular DC Uber Destinations for Drunk People.”  I’d pay $50 to read that list.

Reconnect with Nature with These 6 Beautiful Canadian Rental Cabins  [Dwell]  The weird thing about living in a vibrant exciting city is that all your vacations are to aggressively boring places where absolutely nothing is going on.

There’s a Deserted Utopian Village In the Middle of the New Jersey Forest  [Messy Nessy Chic]  I almost wish someone would offer me money to go here at night, just so I can have the satisfaction of slapping them in the back of the head.

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