Google Reveals Plans for a 1 Million Square Foot Headquarters  [Arch Daily]  Someone in the comments compared this compound to “Mayan ruins,” which isn’t totally inaccurate.  And is that a good or bad thing?  (Note to Amazon:  if you want to one-up Google, your new HQ2 building should be a huge “Blade Runner”-style futuristic pyramid.)

Meet the 28 Year Old Real Estate Guy Running for a DC Council Seat  [Washington City Paper]  Honestly though, probably 90% of the District’s issues directly or peripherally relate to real estate, so we should probably have some real estate people on the council.  (And I’m not just saying that because this is a real estate website.)

The Most Anticipated Buildings of 2018  [Architectural Digest]  Somewhere, there are a bunch of architects in black turtlenecks, sitting on the edge of their Scandinavian chairs and eating popcorn, saying, “man, I cannot WAIT until that Calgary Library is done!”

Crystal City to Convert Office Space Into 365 Units of Housing  [Urban Turf DC]  It’s happening!  Aside from the wall to wall carpeting and the ghosts of everyone’s broken dreams, I think offices would make incredible living spaces.  Sign me up.

You Can Rent an Inflatable Irish Pub for Your Backyard  [Mental Floss]  This could be problematic once everyone starts drunkenly brawling with jagged broken bottles.

How Money Laundering Works In Real Estate  [Washington Post]  This is how it works?!  How does this ever fool anyone?!  I thought money laundering was some kind of super complicated opaque process, but this is about as criminally sophisticated as adding an extra zero to a ten dollar bill and trying to pass it off as a hundred.



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