New Software Shows Where Rising Sea Levels Would Affect DC  [Urban Turf DC]  By the end of the century, Nats players are going to be hitting home runs into the water, where they’ll be caught by dudes in kayaks like they do outside the San Francisco Giants ballpark.  (And at that point, the San Francisco ballpark is going to host the Atlantis Mermen.)

What’s Worse: a Loud Neighbor or Construction?  [Brick Underground]  I once had a loud neighbor and he was REALLY annoying.  He refused to be quiet until I realized his bedroom was right under mine, and I started banging 50-pound barbells on the floor at 4AM while wearing cowboy boots.

Hackers Are the New Silent Party In Real Estate  [Huffington Post]  Is it really hacking if they just email you, tell you to wire them money, and you do it?  This recent wave of wire-fraud phishing almost makes me think my parents are right in thinking that every single clickable thing on the entire internet is a cleverly-disguised honey trap to capture your bank account details.

How Major Real Estate Developers Are Experimenting With Co-Living  [Forbes]  Isn’t it kind of weird that grown adults playing video games is seen as sad, but grown adults living in corporate dorms is seen as trendy?

Confessions of an Open House Addict  [New York Times]  As someone who’s gone to hundreds of open houses over the past handful of years, I do think it’s really weird that non-open housers only ever see the inside of their own houses, plus the houses of maybe two or three other close friends or family members.  I think of you like people in a really strict religious sect who never even see their spouse without clothes off.

7 Architectural Materials That Look Just Like Concrete  [Architizer]  When you just know your in-laws are going to look at your Brutalist-inspired kitchen renovation and say, “ew, it looks like a parking garage,” you at least want to be able to say, “it may look like concrete, but it’s actually an Italian ceramic that costs more per ounce than gold.”

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