They’re Making Prisons Out of Shipping Containers Now  [Citylab]   Just like America will try to deep fry any food, it will also turn any architectural trend into a prison.

New DC Bill Could Allow for Near-Instant Street Closures  [Urban Turf DC]   Do you kids have any idea how intensely your mothers are going to guilt you into playing outside if they already went ahead and got a street closure permit from the city?

Battle Stories from Real Estate Bidding Wars  [Washington Post]  Bidding wars are so dangerous if you’re a competitive person.  I’ve never bought a home but I once got into a personal showdown with someone on Ebay, and ended up paying $225 for a tshirt because I just couldn’t bear the thought of losing.  If I ever bought a house, I would pay a coolheaded probabilty expert to do my bidding for me.

Million Dollar Homes Are Now Normal  [CBS News]  We’re desensitized to the million dollar house, because we live in one of the hottest markets in the world, but to people from anywhere but the coasts, it just sounds insane.  Conversely, when I visit my parents in the midwest, the real estate listings seem like they’re all missing a zero or two at the end.

Twitter Reacts to All 1,715 Prospective Guggenheim Designs  [Arch Daily]  Some of these are gloriously terrible;  I can’t decide which one is best/worst, the purple cargo barge or the one with the huge statue of the sumo wrestler squatting on the roof for no apparent reason.

This Rooftop Cabin Is at the Center of a Lawsuit  [New York Post]  I spent a long time trying to imagine the person who would build an old-timey rustic cabin on top of a luxury building.  I just kept thinking of Pee-Wee Herman.

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