This Peer-to-Peer Real Estate Marketplace Wants to Replace All Real Estate Agents  [Tech Crunch]  Is the funny cat GIF part of the internet enough to outweigh the part of the internet that’s systematically destroying all our livelihoods?  (Probably yes.)

Notorious DC Slumlord Skirts Law By Abruptly Transferring Properties  [Washington City Paper]  The really stupid part of all this is that if Sanford had just maintained the properties, they’d be set to make a huge jackpot with the redevelopment.  But they just had to be cheap!

How DC Is Leaning On the Private Sector to Redevelop the Former Police Headquarters  [Citylab]  Little-known fact:  public-private partnerships are what led to all the Beltway tolls.  Keep that in mind.

Buzzard Point Residential Project Includes Measures to Handle Climate Change Floods  [Urban Turf DC]  The plans have been revised from being able to handle a 100-year flood to being able to handle a 500-year flood.  It’s like I’m always saying, these upper management types are always swearing that climate change is just a hoax or a conspiracy, but at the same time they’re secretly buying houses on high ground.

There’s a Virtual Reality Real Estate Game On the Way  [Bleeding Cool]  This sounds boring, but I’ll probably play it anyway.  I probably spent an entire year, total, of my teen years meticulously building and destroying cities in SimCity.

DC’s Most Popular Design Trends from 2017  [Curbed DC]  I do love the trend of having “common spaces” and lounge-type areas in offices, but I do NOT love how there’s always one dude in every office who grabs his laptop and makes the lounge sofa his permanent work area, until there’s actually a custom buttocks-shaped depression on the cushion.

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