Granny Flats Are Coming  [Citylab]  When I was a kid, I thought that all cool bachelors with electric guitars and sweet vans with wizard murals on the side lived in apartments on top of garages.  For that reason alone, I support the granny flat trend.

Want a Nice House Without Breaking the Bank? Call An Architect  [Arch Daily]  It’s true, efficiency seems to be not only cheap, but nice to look at too.  It can’t be a coincidence that the most shabbily-designed houses *coughMcMansionscough* are always insanely expensive.

DC Ousts Homeless from NoMa Underpasses So Art Installations Can Be Built  [Washington City Paper]  I was going to say that this is the perfect metaphor for gentrification, but no, this isn’t a metaphor, this actually literally is gentrification.

The Long Weird Saga of the Capitol Hill Treehouse  [UrbanTurf DC]  When I was a kid, and the neighbors complained about my treehouse, my parents just took it down and then subtly made it clear that there would be no punishment forthcoming if I keyed the neighbors’ car.  Part of me thinks that’s a lot more sensible response than suing everybody.

8 Pressing Questions About Amazon’s HQ2 Finalists  [The Ringer]  I feel like the DMV cheated to get three finalists among the final group.  Don’t you think District officials are secretly hoping that Montgomery County or NoVa get HQ2?  DC wouldn’t have to give out all the tax breaks, but the city would still get the huge influx of cash from Amazon employees Ubering into the city on weekends.

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