DC Wants to Change How We Measure Basements – and It Could Be a Big Deal  [Greater Greater Washington]  These changes could threaten the existence of the English Basement apartment, which is as quintessentially DC as the half-smoke, mumbo sauce, and an annoying guy in a bow tie quoting the Heritage Foundation.  We need to fight for our rights to live in a dim, moldy dungeon.

A Rare Look Inside an Innovative Architect’s Homes  [Architectural Digest]  I love this house, but it’s so beautiful that it would be intimidating to live in.  There’s no way I could spend an entire day in that massive great room, playing Xbox in my Spongebob pajama pants.

Makerspaces and Expression Zones: DC’s Cultural Plan Unveiled  [Urban Turf DC]  When cities are filled with artists, they’re desperate to attract rich people.  When cities are full of rich people, they’re desperate to attract artists.

The Bitcoin Bubble Meets Real Estate  [Mashable]  I was sure I had an inside track on Bitcoin’s investment potential, since I knew it was the main method that criminals use to quasi-legally buy luxury real estate.  And yet my investment still somehow tanked 50% overnight.  I never thought my financial health would be so dependent on Colombian druglords and Russian kleptocrats.

Real Estate Futurist Predicts 24-Hour Office Buildings  [Westfair]  If I had been able to work a midnight to 8AM office job, I’d be a 15-time Employee of the Month instead of a guy who’s been fired from 15 jobs.

These Are All the Homes the Members of Trump World Have Bought In DC  [Washingtonian]  Jarvanka are paying $15K a month for that?!  Maybe all those mean things about them in “Fire and Fury” are true after all.


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