You Can Order a Stunningly Detailed Lego Replica of Your House  [Mental Floss]  If you’re trying to vaguely disappoint someone in your life, this is the gift you’ve been searching for.

The Lost Plans to Destroy Georgetown  [Georgetown Metropolitan]  Whoa.  This is one way to counter all the “why doesn’t Georgetown have a Metro station?” complaints – just destroy Georgetown.

The Weirdly Racist Undertones to So Much Dockless Bikeshare Criticism  [Greater Greater Washington]  If you ever watch too many inspirational “giving the homeless cash”/”rescuing bunnies from a forest fire” videos on Facebook, and need to quickly lower the amount of faith you have in humanity, just browse your local neighborhood listserv.  Your nihilism will be renewed in no time.

How Winning Amazon’s HQ2 Would Actually Affect DC  [WTOP]  It wouldn’t actually be that big of a deal, as it turns out.  The District added more jobs just last year than HQ2 would add over the next decade.  Wait, so why are we giving them seven hundred trillion dollars in tax incentives?

I-66 Tolls Hit $46 This Week  [Washington Post]  I can’t believe there’s this much demand for using I-66.  I would pay $46 to NOT go to Herndon.  You could literally corner me on any given day and say, “Get your coat, I’m driving you to Herndon,” and I’d just start offering you money to leave me alone.

A Single Tenant Is Holding Up Demolition of This Brutalist Apartment Building  [Arch Daily]  It would be so intoxicating to have this much power to hold up a massive real estate project all by yourself.  Oh, and having the leverage to demand a huge cash payment from the developer would be pretty good too.

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